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Who is Kashiko Black?

Keeping it Kinky has been the ambition of Mistress Kashiko for quite some time. She was inspired to do this site after many years personal research and frustration in finding appropriate resources for learning about BDSM and seeing others make terrible mistakes because they did not have the appropriate resources at hand. She founded Keeping it Kinky in the fall of 2011. Kashiko Black is actually an alias originally created for this website. Since its creation, she has branched out to start Explore Sex Talk, which is focused on other forms of sex education.

Her History in the Vancouver BDSM Scene

Kashiko Black has been in the Vancouver BDSM scene since 2003 and has been a steady Domme since 2004. Her interest in BDSM grew from a lifestyle rooted in the Gothic culture and from an extremely young age she demonstrated a strong personality and a propensity to take command. She is an active member of the community and attends events regularly, when scheduling allows.

Who is She Outside of Kink?

Aside from her tendency toward alternative behavior, the Mistress is a huge animal lover and has taken care of a wide collection of animals from ferrets to snakes. She enjoys a wide variety of hobbies including leather working, chainmaille, computer programming as well as a laundry list of other crafts. The Mistress is an avid reader of a number of informational topics; she enjoys learning about crime, languages, poi, and a variety of other subjects. When she's not reading informational books, she enjoys fantasy novels, especially those written by her favourite author: Anne Bishop.

Kashiko Black has also completed a Bachelors of Psychology from University of Fraser Valley and plans to complete her Masters of Psychology but right now she is taking a break from the academics to pursue some other dreams including this website.

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